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Fleur del Sea from Greece.  This is the finest all natural sea salt around.  One of the oldest salt harvesting areas in the world.  Clean and pure.

Why Limani Sea Salt (fleur de sel)?


Taste and crunch, like our annual summer vacations in Greece - now I can make better Greek Salads and Lamp Chops!

J. Green

Reminded me of when I was young growing up in Mani Greece. My grandmother would hand pick the salt. Same amazing taste.

Nicoletta Levis

No reason to buy anything else. So natural and clean. Yes it costs more but you pay for quality. I use a pinch and WOW the taste.

Dimitrios Pantos

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Monday to Saturday delivery to our retail partners.

Limani Foods' products are available throughout the Toronto GTA area.  Look for us at your local grocer, butcher, bakery, fish & seafood shops & many more.

If you cannot find our products available locally, please reach back to us or tell your local store manager about us. 

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Amazon.com now selling Limani Sea Salt - the best fleur de sel around.  naturally organic this is the crown jewel of sea salts and what home cooks and chefs want.  The best sea salt around.

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